Lumenis UltrapulseSurgitech CO2 Laser 2007 



Lumenis Ultrapulse/Surgitech CO2 Laser - Encore CPG, with accessories. These items are from a closed medical office. This laser has only been ran during set-up, certification, and training. No actual procedures have been performed with it. There are a few scuffs and scratches on the unit. Pictures are included to show all defects and flaws. The unit was manufactured in June 2007

The Ultrapulse system is the leading platform for fractional CO2 treatments. It allows the person performing the treatment the ability to customize both coverage and depth with magnificent results. More information can be obtained from the Lumenis website.

Included with this laser equipment is an Ultrapulse Encore ActiveFX CPG hand unit ; Buffalo Filter, model number PSWTURBO AS, with an extra filter, and plastic tubing; Focused Incisional Handpieces 1.0mm/0.20mm ; and Lightguide Kit.