SonoSite TITAN ultrasound, used equipment. Perfect condition.

The SonoSite TITAN ultrasound system has a modular design that is unique among ultrasound machines. This system is portable—like some other scanner systems—but the TITAN has a Mobile Docking System that can be used back at an office or hospital or other medical establishment. The Mobile Docking System is a platform or stand that is used to connect to information systems in the medical establishment. There are two varieties of docking systems, but both are alike in that they provide a way to recharge the battery of the SonoSite TITAN and that they are on wheels. The SonoSite TITAN can be used as a portable unit or it can be used while connected to the Mobile Docking System. Either way, it is a high-quality ultrasound system with high-resolution imaging capabilities. It can be used for a variety of applications, including radiology, cardiology, and in obstetric and gynecologic applications.