Stryker 1088 System


Stryker 1088, Stryker 40L Insufflator, Stryker X-7000 and Stryker Vision LCD Flat Screen Monitor

Stryker 1088:


Hi Definition (HD) Video – 1280 x 1024 native resolution

» Incredibly small and ergonomic camera head – for superior comfort and control

» Standard aspect ratio – allows you to maximize existing video equipment

» Progressive scan technology – optimum image quality with superb resolution

»Digital Outputs – DVI necessary to take advantage of digital

Hi Definition fidelity

» Four button camera head design – control of 6 functions from the camera head

» Multi-Specialty Settings – user selectable specialty settings which customize video output for the unique needs of your cases

Stryker Vision Monitor:




» Large screen with brilliant picture quality.

» Supports high-resolution digital and analog outputs.

» Switches quickly between standard and high-resolution video inputs.


Stryker X7000:



Xenon bulb

» 300 watts.

Light Cable

Stryker 40L Insufflator:




» Highest flow rate on the market which provides a faster leakage compensation and better visualisation during procedures. 

» Device is Sidne Smart. 

» Low Flow Mode for small children and infants. 

» Multi-language LCD display: good overview of messages and parameters. 

» Increased safety for patients and surgeons: visual and audible alarms, internal leakage detection, safety relief valve, surgi-vent-electronic venting system.

Stryker Laparoscope:




» Autoclavable 10mm x 0° 

» Part # 502-457-010 (part number may vary)

Instruments and Accessorys:



Brand New UE Instruments

Qty:    Description:

1        10mm Rotatable Medium/Large Clip Applier

1        5mm Straight Needle Holder

1        5mm Rotatable Maryland Dissector 

1        5mm Rotatable Metzenbaum Scissor

1        5mm Rotatable Endo Grapser Forceps

1        5mm Rotatable Atraumatic Forceps

1        5mm L-Hook Electrode

1        Electrode Cable

2        10mm Sheath and Trocar with Stopcock for Insufflation

2        5mm Sheath and Trocar with Stopcock for Insufflation