Olympus CLV-180 Light Source



EVIS Exera II high intensity 300W xenon light source for Olympus color CCD videoscope system with specially coated filters for Narrow Band Imaging (only for GI) and emergency 100W Halogen lamp

Here is what Olympus has to say:
  • Equipped with speciality coated filters for MBI (Narrow Band Imaging). (only for GI)
  • Lamp can be turned on/off without turning off the equipment.
  • Automatically adjusts light intensity to achieve ideal illumination for observation of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Powerful 300-watt xenon lamp.
  • Backlit front panel and controls improve operability.


Product Information
Product Name Olympus CLV-180 Light Source
Manufacturer Olympus
Mfg. Catalog # CLV-180
Mfg List Price 12500
SKU clv-180-light-source


Manufacturer Specifications
Type Xenon
Voltage 100-120 VAC
Watts 300 W


Condition 95% perfect
Overall Condition Excellent