AEROLASE-Medical Aesthetic Laser LightPod Neo 2009 Manufatured. Never Used.

AEROLASE, LightPod Neo and LightPod Era compact laser.  The LightPod Neo laser system from Aerolase (Model #:  MicroPulse 1064-XT), is distinguished by it's compact size and portability, ease of use and maintenance-free operation and high reliability.   The LightPod Neo (Nd: YAG 1064nm) laser systems from Aerolase are indicated for the coagulation and hemostasis of benign vascular lesions such as, but not limited to, port wine stains, hemangiomas, warts, telangiectasia, rosacea, venus lake, leg veins, spider veins and poikiloderma of civatte, and treatment of benign cutaneous lesions, such as warts, scars, striae and psoriasis.  This laser is also intended for the treatment of benign pigmented lesions such as, lentigos (age spots), solar lentigos (sun spots), cafe au lait macules, seborrheic keratoses, nevi, chloasma, verrucae, skin tags, keratoses, reduction of black/blue tattoos and plaques.

Additionally, this laser is indicated for pigmented lesions to reduce lesion size, for patients with lesions that have not responded to other laser treatments.   They are also indicated for the treatment of wrinkles, such as, periocular and perioral wrinkles.  They are also indicated for the removal of unwanted hair, for stable long term, or permanent hair reduction through selective targeting of melanin in hair follicles, and for the treament for pseudofolliculitis and barbae (PFB).

The LightPod Neo lasers are also indicated for the reduction of red pigmentation in hypertrophic and keloid scars where vascularity is an integral part of the scar.  They are indicated for use on all skin types including tanned skin. 

Technical Data: Rise Time, seconds: 10, AC power source: 110V/60Hz or 220 V/50Hz, Amps: 6.0A max, Internal cooling system: air-cooled, Size: 14x19x7, Weight:  22lbs.

Accessories Included: Lens No.1-collimated (installed), Lens No.2 Red focused lens (2mm spot size), Lens No 3 White focused lens (5mm spot size), two pairs of safety goggles, one pair of patient safety goggles, aerolase carrying bag and operating manual.