Viking Systems 3Di Vision System


Viking Systems 3Di Visualization Endoscopy System

Viking Systems 3Di Visualization Laparoscopy/Endoscopy system. Unit is in excellent condition, inside and out, everything works including all accessories. An upgraded DVD burner and software were recently installed. 

Natural depth perception and tactile sensation allows surgeons the ability to perform pure laparoscopic procedures with confidence and ease. 

Viking's 3Di Vision System:

Restores natural 3D vision and depth perception 

Provides precise spatial orientation 

Helps to reduce fatigue 

Enhances dissection, grasping, suturing and stapling 

Helps to improve precision and dexterity 

Integrates clinical information directly into the surgeon’s view

System includes:

(2) 3Di Headpieces model 8176-6

(1) EndoSite 300 Watt Xenon Light source 8050-1 Includes extra new bulb

(1) EndoSite Digital 3Di Matched Camera Head 8170-4

(1) EndoSite Digital 8180-9

(1) Image Stream Medical ISM-DVR MICRO HEAD Unit FB802K- 91704

(1) Viking Systems Remote Control 8274-5

(1) GuidePoint Cirque EasyCat mouse GPB160

Unit comes with numerous cables and other accessories and manuals.